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Ulysses Tutorial

ScreenCastsOnline has been helping Apple users with comprehensible, high-quality software tutorials since 2005, to make the most of their Macs and now also their iPads, iPhones and Apple Watches. We’re delighted about the latest addition to the portfolio: a two-piece video tutorial about Ulysses!

In part I, ScreenCastsOnline founder Don McAllister covers Ulysses’ basic principles, including the library, sheets, groups and export capabilities, and explains how to use the app on Mac, iPad and iPhone. In part II, Don goes into detail about Ulysses’ more specific features, explaining export preview and styles, how to edit themes, create writing goals, master smart paste, split & merge and more. Each video has a duration of around 50 minutes.

ScreenCastsOnline is a membership based service, but there is a free 14-day-trial available that will let you download the tutorials today. What’s more, we are giving away 5 three-month-memberships for ScreenCastsOnline. During this period, you’ll get a new app tutorial every week, and also obtain unlimited access to more than 700 videos in the archive. Just send us an email with the subject line “ScreenCastsOnline membership” to mail@the-soulmen.com to enter the raffle. Closing date is May 8, 2016.

Start a Journal Entry in Ulysses in a Few Seconds, Complete With Date and Location

Have you read our brief introduction to Ulysses’ x-callback support yet? Here is a nice workflow for when you’re using an iPad or iPhone to keep a diary in Ulysses. Required: the automation app Workflow, available on the App Store for $2,99.

Ulysses Journal

Ulysses Journal was shared on Twitter by @rovest5 and will save you a few minutes every day: From your Today Widget, you can create a new sheet in Ulysses complete with today’s date and your current location.

If you’re having Workflow installed, just open this URL on your iOS device to get the workflow. Some minor tweaks, and it will run perfectly:

  • Add Today Widget workflows, if you haven’t done it yet. The Workflow app will kindly send you to a website with instructions how to do this.
  • By default, this workflow will create the new sheet of your diary in Ulysses’ inbox, but you can just replace “Inbox” in the x-callback-url with the name of the group you actually want to use. I also changed the formatting of the date, because I think there’s no need to keep the hour of my writing. For this, go to “My Workflows”, open “Ulysses Journal”, and edit the respective fields, i.e. “URL” and “Format Date”.
  • Initially, my workflow didn’t run. So I quit both apps before running the workflow again, and now it works just fine.

Creating a Sheet in Your Diary With One Tap

Happy journaling!

Do you know of a great workflow taking advantage of Ulysses’ x-callback-support we should introduce to our users? Then please get in touch, we may feature it in the blog.

Be More Productive When Working on iPad or iPhone – Thanks to Automation

A Brief Introduction to Ulysses X-Callback-Support

Ulysses Ideas

Do you often find yourself doing the same things on your iPad or iPhone over and over again? Automation apps let you run such routines automatically, with the help of so-called x-callback-urls. Ulysses now also supports x-callback, allowing you to speed up your iOS workflows.

An x-callback-url triggers a particular action within an app and follows a certain app specific scheme. Here is a simple example for a Ulysses x-callback-url:


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“Writing Requires a Huge Amount of Love for Things That Happen Far Away From the Keyboard”

Silvio Gulizia is an Italian journalist and communication consultant. He has published the books “iProduttivo”, a guide to productivity apps and methods for iPad and iPhone, and “Sognare per Vivere”, an ebook about finding the courage to startup a personal project. Silvio also owns a blog about intentional living on sglz.co.

Please tell us a little bit about your work: How do you combine your professions?

I am completely focused on telling great stories. As a journalist, you are required to observe the world, to look for stories other people can’t view and to work on them to develop a product worth your readers’ time and money. It’s not a matter of coming up with the news anymore. Well, you need the news, but once it is published, you need a story to spread it. Today, every company is able to reach its own audience and tell its stories without going through the press. I bring to companies, in particular those in the startup and innovation field, my passion for telling stories. I help them to dig out stories from their own world and serve them directly to interested readers.

Silvio Gulizia
Silvio Gulizia

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Our Most Polished Version Yet: Ulysses 2.5.1 Is on the Stores

Ulysses 2.5.1 is now on the stores

Yes, we’ve spent some time celebrating and enjoying the positive feedback we got after having released Ulysses 2.5 some weeks ago. But this did not keep us from doing our jobs: Ulysses 2.5.1 brings a lot of fixes and improvements, and we can proudly claim that this is the most polished version we have published so far. For details, you can check the release notes for Ulysses for Mac and Ulysses for iOS.

Apart from fixing bugs and crashes, this version brings major improvements to x-callback support in Ulysses for iOS. X-callback is available since Ulysses 2.5 and can be used to allow third-party apps to trigger certain actions with Ulysses. That way, busy writers can create automated workflows to increase their productivity. If that still sounds a bit enigmatic, keep your spirits up: Before long we will have a x-callback introduction for beginners on the blog and present some great ready-made workflows created by other Ulysses users.

Ulysses 2.5.1 is of course a free update for existing users and should already be available on the stores:

Ulysses for Mac
Ulysses for iPad and iPhone

Side note: Any update we publish on the App Stores naturally hides the ratings and reviews for the current version. So please take a minute to update your rating or review, or leave one, in case you haven’t yet. Thank you so much!

Sort Your Sheets the Way You Want It

Writers use Ulysses’ groups to organize their projects and texts. Depending on the text type, the sheets inside a group should be arranged in a certain way. For instance, sheets of a diary are most likely sorted by creation date. If you’re writing a novel or a thesis, being able to sort sheets manually is useful for organizing your contents. With Ulysses 2.5, you can now change the sort order of each group or filter separately.

On Mac, you can change the sort order in two ways. If you want to change the sorting of a single group or filter, hover your mouse over the group in the sheet list and you’ll find “Sort Manually” there:

Click it and you’ll find the sorting options for this group. You can sort the sheets of a group in the following ways:

  • Manually
  • By Title
  • By Modification Date
  • By Creation Date

For all sorting options (except manual sorting, of course), you can also reverse the sort order.

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Shortcuts for Your Pocket Typewriter

Now that Ulysses is also rocking your iPhone, we think it’s about time to dust off our old Shortcut Cheat Sheet and add all the new goodness that came with version 2.5.

We believe Ulysses arms your iOS devices for getting some serious writing done — even more so when used in combination with an external keyboard. That way, there is more room on the display for your text (especially on the iPhone), and you can operate large parts of the app with a number of functional keyboard shortcuts.

Users of Ulysses for Mac will know most of them, although they might want to check out the new ones we have added.

Ulysses for iOS Shortcuts

If you’d like to save the rain forest, don’t print out the cheat sheet – just hold down . Ulysses will show you most of the available shortcuts.

The Awesome Round-Up – Ulysses 2.5 in the Press

Ulysses 2.5 has been our greatest release so far, a really big thing for all of us. And even if we have never ever felt so confident with what we did, we were still incredibly excited about feedback. Would others feel the same way about this release?

Well, the response was awesome to say the least. Thanks for your enthusiastic emails, tweets, comments and App Store reviews – reading them is heart-warming and keeps us going.

News items and reviews were literally too many to count, published in more languages than Ulysses is localized in, even Czech, Swedish and Brazilian Portuguese. But even more important than the sheer mass: Most reviewers found little to criticize – and a lot to praise. Here is a small selection of some of the greatest Ulysses 2.5 reviews and news.


“Everything that makes Ulysses great on the Mac is concentrated in the exquisite iPhone version, so much so that you might actually prefer writing on a five-inch screen.”
Michael Simon on Macworld


“If you haven't pieced it together yet, I'm a very big fan of Ulysses. The combination of post-Finder organization, rich text editing, and flexible export options means I can start nearly all of my professional and personal writing in Ulysses, yet send it along to its final destination, no matter where that may be.”
David Chartier on MacStories


“I have been using Ulysses as my writing tool of choice for several years, and with the release today of Ulysses 2.5, the best writing tool just got better.”
Steven Sande on AppleWorld.Today


“If you haven’t used it before, Ulysses is something like a plain text editor, supercharged.”
Thorin Klosowski on lifehacker

“You’re wasting your time writing in any app which isn’t Ulysses.” Ben Brooks on The Brooks Review


“Ulysses Mobile is an excellent writing tool for any writer, and having it available on all of your devices makes it a winner.”
Christine Chan on AppAdvice


“Ulysses saw its first universal app for iOS hit the App Store today, bringing the popular distraction-free Mac writing software to the iPhone for the first time.”
Tim Hardwick on MacRumors


“Its suite of organizational tools make writing on the go – whether it’s an essay or a one liner – seamless.”
Amanda Connolly on The Next Web


“It works quite well for anything between a blog post and a novel. And Ulysses is also the kind of apps we need on iOS.”
Romain Dillet on TechCrunch

“Ulysses makes me want to write. That’s probably the best thing I can say about a text editor these days.”
Federico Viticci on Club MacStories

And here is a selection of international feedback:


“Ulysses, para quien no la conozca aún, es una aplicación pensada para escritores. Pero no sólo para los que tienen intención de escribir su primera novela, es completamente válida para cualquier tipo de escritor.”
Pedro Santamaría on Applesfera


“Pokud fungujete zejména na iPhonu a/nebo iPadu a psaní je vaším denním chlebem, Ulysses je jasná volba.”
Ondřej Holzman on Jablíčkář.cz


Som vi ser det är Ulysses Mobile det allra bästa textredigeringsverktyget för Ipad och Iphone i dagsläget. […] Faktum är att vi har mycket svårt att komma på något som vi saknar.
Mikael Markander on MacWorld Sverige


O aplicativo Ulysses serve tanto para textos simples quanto para publicações bem elaboradas. […] acredito que o investimento vale muito a pena se você trabalha com textos e precisa produzir muito em pouco tempo.
Priscila Klopper on MacMagazine


“Pas seulement un éditeur de texte, mais aussi un gestionnaire de documents suffisamment complet pour écrire un roman ou préparer une thèse en l’utilisant.”
Nicolas Furno on igeneration

SSPAI“Ulysses for iOS 的这次大更新,可谓是打通了 Ulysses 的任督二脉,写作者的 写作体验在 iPhone、iPad、Mac 三者间从此不再割裂,文档的无缝同步,编辑界 面、Markdown 符号与导出模版均保持一致。”


Se la recomendaré a todo aquél cuya afición sea la escritura. A mi me ha ayudado mucho a expandir mi tiempo de escritura.”
Pablo Asekas on MacSfera

Export Multiple Sheets at Once

Ulysses for iPhone Tip #8

This post is aimed at the long form writers out there, and, for the time being, the last in our series of Ulysses for iPhone tips.

If you have ever compiled a large text from smaller components with a traditional word processor, for example a Master’s thesis from its sections or a novel from its chapters, you know that this can be a tiresome undertaking. We’re happy to spare you this, because with Ulysses, there is no need to compile. During export, you can chose ad hoc which parts, that is sheets, belong to your output.

Tip #8: Export Multliple Sheets at Once

Go to the group with the sheets that you want to export. Now you can assemble your book manuscript, master thesis, white paper or other long form piece with just a few steps. First, tap “Select” top right. Second, tick the sheets in question. Third, chose “Export” at the bottom, and proceed according to the desired output format. During export, the content of the included sheets will be treated as if they were one. That way, you can prepare a DOCX or PDF manuscript or even an ebook in next to no time.

By the way: It doesn’t matter if the parts of your text scatter around various subgroups (part 1, 2, 3 of a novel comes to mind) – just go to the enclosing group to perform the Select action. And you can of course also export an entire group with all its sheets at once: In the library, swipe on the group to the left screen margin, tap “More”, then “Export”.

The release of Ulysses 2.5 brought us thousands of new users. This series of tips aims to inspire writers that are new to Ulysses for iPhone or Ulysses in general to explore what the app has to offer. Also, check out the previous posts:

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