Use Idle Time to Organize Your Stuff

An Outlook on Ulysses for iPhone and iPad and what you can do with it, Part 4

Organizing your writing is a necessary chore, but other than the writing itself it doesn’t necessarily require your undivided attention. This is where forthcoming Ulysses for iPhone comes into play.

Having Ulysses on your iPhone will let you comfortably do your organizing on the road – here are some impressions:

So, elaborating your thoughts on Foucault’s concept of power while waiting for the subway or your date is possibly a little heavy. Sorting out your collection of university notes, however, may be just the right thing to kill some idle time.

The New Share Extension: Do Some Research While Waiting for the Bus

An outlook on Ulysses for iPhone and iPad and what you can do with it, part 3

Many writing tasks start with some research and information gathering across the web. Scanning content and reading articles is a thing we do all the time on our iPhones anyway. Still, the Share extension we built into the new Ulysses for iPhone and iPad will improve the gathering part considerably.

It is very simple: If you have found an interesting article on the web, you can use Safari’s Share button to send it to Ulysses. You can also select text snippets on a page and share them.

Share extension

The shared content will be added as a new sheet to Ulysses’ library. Per default, the sheet will be inserted in the inbox, but you can also choose any other Ulysses group. Share works with any app that provides a Share button. As an example, if you share a photo from Apple’s Photos app with Ulysses, it will be added as an image object in a new sheet.

When using the Share extension with Ulysses for the first time, you’ll have to activate it. Just swipe to the end of the list of available apps and tap More to do this. If you share a lot with Ulysses (and as a writer you certainly will), you can also drag and move its icon to a more prominent position in the app list.

Accompany Your Texts With Photos – Instantly

An outlook on Ulysses for iPhone and iPad and what you can do with it, part 2

Let’s assume you’re a food blogger or a restaurant critic, paying a visit to the new trattoria in your neighboorhood. On your iPhone, you’re taking notes about the atmosphere, food and service quality. Or you’re on a mountain trip with your family, keeping a travel diary about your adventures. Or you’re a bestseller author researching for his next novel in, say, Venice, and you instantly realize that the victim meets his murderer for the first time in the very café you’re just sitting in. In all of these and probably many other cases you will want to take some visual impressions to accompany the notes and ideas you’re jotting down. Ulysses for iPhone will let you instantly complement your texts with the photos you take – without having to leave the app.

Add Photo

All you’ve got to do is to insert the (img) tag – will be accessible via the button row sitting above the iPhone keyboard – at the spot you desire. You’ll be prompted to take a photo, or to choose one from the library. The image is now part of your text and will, for example, get exported when you make a PDF. If your photo is intended to only illustrate or inspire your writing, you may want to place it in a sheet’s attachments. You can open attachments via the paperclip icon in the button row.

You can finish your piece right on your iPhone. Or, if you opt for a larger screen, you can leave your photo open to recall the smell and taste of that pizza while you’re writing. Hmmm :-)

“Ulysses Hit the Sweet Spot”

All kinds of authors are using Ulysses for their writing, and we asked some of them to share their stories. Sid O’Neill runs a creative agency, and is a dedicated blogger as well as spare-time fiction writer.

Sid O'Neill
Sid O’Neill

Which role does writing play in your life?

I run a little creative agency, and my job involves a lot of copywriting. I also use a lot of my free time writing for my personal site (about 100,000 words per year) and various languishing fiction projects. Wow. (Eyes widen.) I spend an unhealthy amount of time typing.

Could you describe what you use Ulysses for?

Absolutely everything that I write starts in Ulysses (unless I already began to write it in Daedalus Touch). I even paste things that I’m editing into Ulysses. Sadly, in the publishing world, almost everything has to eventually leap into the yawning abyss of Word or InDesign. But I do my best to avoid that until the very last moment. Read …

Write and Take Notes – Anywhere

An Outlook on Ulysses for iPhone and iPad and what you can do with it, Part 1

It has been a couple of weeks now since we started betatesting a new version of Ulysses for iOS: Ulysses for iPhone and iPad (and iPad Pro and iPod Touch, to be exact). We’re awaiting this release with excitement, and, supposedly, some of you with us: Ulysses, finally on iPhone!

Preview: Ulysses on iPhone

Believe it or not, from time to time we’re asked what people would actually need a writing app on their phones for. Well, we do have some ideas! During the time until the release, we would like to share these ideas with you, and at the same time give you a glimpse of what you can expect.

No matter the size of your device – you’ll get a fully-fledged writing app. Ulysses will be as powerful on iPhone as it is on iPad (and on iPad it is almost as powerful as on Mac). So, in technical respects, writing a novel on your iPhone is entirely feasible, even though you may want to move to a larger screen from time to time.

Whatever you write, Ulysses on iPhone will be the perfect tool for jotting down sudden inspirations wherever you are – in the park, on the subway or even at a party. Most of us are carrying their iPhones around all the time anyway. No notepad, pencil or third party app required. If you return home and open Ulysses on your Mac, your idea will already sit in the right group of your library for further exploration – thanks to iCloud sync and without a chance of being forgotten by mistake.

Ulysses MacBook Air

The beta tests of upcoming Ulysses for iPad and iPhone are going well, we’re getting a lot of positive feedback and not too many bug reports. So, for the time being, we’re still quite positive to release in the first quarter of 2016. If everything goes well… knock on wood ;-)

Never Lose Anything – Ulysses’ Backups

With Ulysses, you can write all kinds of texts, even novels. For you as a writer, your works certainly are very valuable, to the point that losing them is not an option. For this reason, Ulysses will automatically back up your entire library. You can be sure that your works are safe.


You don’t have to enable Ulysses’ backup function, it’s on per default. But where are your backups stored exactly, and how can single sheets be restored, or even multiple groups at once? This tutorial will explain all this in detail.

Read …

The Best Users of 2015

If you have been using and liking (or even loving) Ulysses for some time, it may be no surprise for you that others do the same. But since we’re so pleased of Ulysses being part of these app top lists (in addition to the list of the lists), we’ll share our joy anyway:

SSPAI – Best Apps of 2015


“在 Markdown 写作软件井喷式发展的当今,Ulysses 集合了目前市面上大多数 Markdown 编辑器的优点,以其优雅多变的写作界面,层次灵活的文档库,高度自定的输出排版,卓绝群伦。”

“There are many Markdown editor apps nowadays, but Ulysses has many advantages that other writing apps don’t have. With an elegant interface, a well-organized library and highly-customizable typesetting, Ulysses is the best choice on Mac.”

hipertextual: Las mejores aplicaciones des 2015


“Un procesador de textos sobrio y extremadamente vitaminado que se ha ganado el reconocimiento de la App Store en este 2015. Ha dado en el clavo: mantiene la misma experiencia tanto para iPad como para OS X, algo que no pueden decir muchas aplicaciones similares.”

“Simple and extremely powerful text processor that has gained recognition of the App Store in 2015. Nails it with keeping the same experience for iPad and OS X – there aren’t many similar apps to claim that.”

Beautiful Pixels: The Highlight 2015 – Editor’s Choice


“Ulysses by The Soulmen is the definitive writing app on iPad. It impressed us at launch and over the year […]” “The Ulysses suite of apps has been the highlight of the year for us when it comes to apps.”

Because we’re humans, we enjoy praise a lot, no matter if it comes in form of a top list, a tweet or a raving review. We’re basically fueled by praise, thank you so much! And here’s one for you, too: You’re the best users of 2015! You’re fun to develop for and fun to communicate with, you’re even patient and friendly during support – congratulations!

Merry Christmas, Happy Writing, and Ulysses for iPad 50% Off

Xmas Offer

A lot of things happened in 2015: We have moved from a small and rather dim office to a bright and spacious one. Our team has also grown by more than a third – Sarah, Lea and Lara joined the old crew with Marcus, Max, Götz, Friedrich, Lucas, Rebekka, Lina and Frank. Ulysses arrived on the iPad, and we were overwhelmed (and motivated!) by positive user feedback. On top of that, Ulysses for Mac was awarded Best of 2015 by Apple. Wow. Time to celebrate!

But how? Those who have been following us over some time will have noticed that we hardly ever discount our products. Well, we have decided that celebrating this incredibly great year 2015 is one of these very rare occasions: For a limited time, Ulysses for iPad is available at half the price on the App Store. That is, you can go and buy two licenses for the price of one – to keep one yourself and gift one to your sweetheart, your neighbour or your mother-in-law.

Ulysses for iPad is the ideal gift for any writer who wants to be able to work on the road (and owns an iPad, obviously), the only thing missing is a … personal touch? Yeah, right. Complement your gift a handmade greeting card – we have prepared some free patterns for you to download.

And so we bid farewell for 2015, because software developers need to rest as well. (Customer support is of course available, except for the official holidays.)

Merry Christmas!

PS: Actually we wanted to give you Ulysses for iPhone for Christmas, but it took us longer than expected – sorry. But the Ulysses for iPad on sale now is the very Ulysses that will soonish become universal for iPhone and iPad Pro. Draw your own conclusions ;-)

Boom: Ulysses is App Store Best of 2015!

Yesterday in the late afternoon, an office in Leipzig. The sun has already set, a couple of developers are writing code, and it seems nothing can disturb their immersion… Then, suddenly, the sound of an incoming email. A short pause, the silence breaks.

The subject line reads »Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Aufnahme in die Bestenliste des App Store im Rahmen der Aktion „Das Beste aus 2015“«. (Obviously someone at Apple knows we’re German.)


Every December, Apple selects the best apps of the closing year. For developers like us, this is one of the greatest appreciations of our work we can get. Of course there is always hoping to be on one of those lists, but you can never know. When it actually happens, it’s just incredible!

We’re excited and honored and proud, especially to have received this award for the second time now. The first time in 2013 was when the new Ulysses was first released. Since then, we have been constantly polishing, improving and expanding. It feels so great to see this being rewarded! I believe all fellow developers who also became Best of 2015 enjoy the same – congratulations to them, too!

2015 was a fabulous year for us, we’ve had a couple of great releases and received a lot of awesome feedback. As the award is completing the year for us, our special thanks go to you, our users. Because without you, Ulysses would not be what it is today. Thank you. You’re the best!

2016 won’t be anything less exciting: We will finally see Ulysses on iPhone!

Academic Writing on the Mac: Papers and Ulysses

Just like Ulysses, Papers is a popular app with academic writers. Scholars from all over the world use this tool to find and organize their research material and create references in their own publications faster and easier. We have teamed up with the nice folks at Papers for the following tutorial on how you can combine the powers of Ulysses and Papers to improve your productivity.


Read …