Crushed It: How to Deal with Writer’s Block

Ulysses is a sponsor of NaNoWriMo 2017 and we want you to get the most out of it! We’re inviting all participants to claim their NaNo-bundle: sign up to our free email course, have a look at our introductory video, and write their novels with Ulysses (for free)

Have you been staring at that page for too long? You can’t write anymore? Then it’s definitely time to reload. We want to help you overcome this dreaded barrier in your journey to conquer NaNoWriMo, so have a look at our tips compilation for dealing with writer’s block.

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A Worthy Opponent: Creating the Perfect Villain

Ulysses is a sponsor of NaNoWriMo 2017 and to help you get the most out of it, we’re inviting all participants to sign up to our free email course, have a look at our introductory video, and write their novels with Ulysses (for free)

Sauron, Mr. Hyde, Hannibal Lecter, Pennywise, Voldemort, Count Dracula, Norman Bates, Darth Vader, The Joker… the list goes on, but what makes these villains powerful adversaries? How do we create the ultimate nemesis? Attention Wrimos, next in our Tips&Tricks hoard — How to build the perfect antagonist:

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50,000 Words in a Month?— Challenge Accepted

Ah…! You can almost smell the pumpkin spice. November is just around the corner and you know what that means, right? Time for colorful leaves, warm socks, cozy blankets and …  NaNoWriMo! Everyone… it’s time to get ready. So welcome to the largest writing party out there. 

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Matt Gemmell: “Writing Is Difficult, but It Feels Like a Challenge Instead of a Hardship”

Action-thriller author Matt Gemmell is fascinated with how small choices can have a profound effect on our lives – a fascination also reflected in his debut novel “Changer”, published last year. In our interview, he talks about why he switched professions a couple of years ago, never looked back since, and still does not regret the time he spent in software engineering.

Please tell us something about you and what you are working on.

Matt Gemmell

My name is Matt Gemmell, I’m a writer of action-thriller novels — amongst other things — and I live in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, with my wife Lauren and our eight-month-old labradoodle puppy, whose name is Whisky.

For a number of years, I was a consultant software engineer for various clients, including Apple, and I did a bit of tech journalism on the side. I also released a lot of open source code for iOS and the Mac, as strange as it is to think about that now.

I’m currently working on TOLL, the second novel in the KESTREL series of action-thrillers with a fringe science twist. The first book, CHANGER, came out last year.

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Pianist and Composer David Ianni: “Writing Is an Important Part of My Creative Process.”

David Ianni is a pianist and composer from Luxembourg, who wants to share his music with the world. In our interview, he talks about his latest project “My Urban Piano” and how writing plays a part in his creativity.

David Ianni
David Ianni, photo by Emile Hengen

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a pianist and composer from Luxembourg. My career began as a young piano prodigy in the mid-nineties, when I mainly performed the music of the great classical composers like Beethoven, Chopin and Liszt, although I had been composing since my childhood. But after several successful years on stage, it was absolutely clear to me that I had to pursue my path as a composer. There was such an abundance of music inside of me that had to get out. Since then, I have composed several hundreds of pieces, among them many works for piano, but also music for other instruments, for choir, for orchestra and even an opera for children. Whatever I write, my aim is always to touch people’s hearts with my music.

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Customize Your iPad or iPhone Writing Environment

Details matter and details help. When implemented, these subtle pieces reflect immediately in the big picture, refining it. Adjusting details in Ulysses according to your likes and preferences allows you to create a writing environment fit for your creativity.

Below, you’ll find a 6-step-guide to customize your text editor on iPad or iPhone. If you want to know how to do this on Mac, visit this post on our knowledge base. Know that if you prefer leave Ulysses as it is, 👍 — it has been carefully designed for a clean and focused experience.

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Protect Your Ulysses Text Library with Touch ID or a Password

Sometimes you might want to keep your work private from curious viewers: be it because it’s work in progress, or because it was meant for your eyes only from the beginning. Whatever the case, Ulysses’ new Touch ID and Password Lock helps you keep your texts exclusive.

Starting with version 2.8, Ulysses lets you protect your text library: once locked, a personal password or Touch ID (available only on supported devices) will be required to access the app. The idle time, after which Ulysses locks itself, can be determined individually.

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More Power to Ulysses’ Filters: Exclude Keywords or Text Occurrences

Ulysses’ filters can help you organize your work. They let you track the texts you want to keep your eye on. In Ulysses 2.8, we’ve added a new trait: You can now create filters based on negative criteria. That’s right! We’ve made it easier to sort out all the texts you don’t want to see.

Filters, as a reminder, let you sort your sheets according to certain criteria: text occurrences, keywords, or creations dates. Their uses are numerous and versatile. As a blogger, you can filter for blog posts with a keyword “In Progress”. As a novelist, you may want to filter incidents based on your main character’s name, to follow her or his actions through the course of the story. What’s new is that you can also collect sheets that do not contain a word or phrase, or that are not tagged with a certain keyword. 

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