Vegan Blogger Patrick Bolk: “I Try to Help Make This World a Better Place”

He turned his passion into a career: The German blogger and book author Patrick Bolk successfully publishes about the vegan way of life. Read in our interview what led up to it — and have the chance to win a copy of Patrick’s book “Vegan im Job” (“Vegan at Work”).

Patrick Bolk
Patrick Bolk
Please tell us something about you and what you are working on. 

My name is Patrick Bolk, I’m 43 years old, live in Berlin and Mallorca, and I do a lot of different things. Currently I am working on a new vegan cookbook and on a ghostwriting project. I also constantly write articles for blogs. 

What is the share of writing in your working life?

I write all the time. In every project I work on, writing is my no. 1 task. Of course there are also some other things to do: research for books, taking and editing photos, or building a website. But in the end, writing is my main thing. 

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Vote for Your Favorite Group Icon

Are you familiar with Ulysses group icons? You can assign an individual icon to each of the groups in your library; Ulysses lets you choose from around 200 different icons in total. (Read our short tutorial to learn how to use them.)

The motives of the icons are diverse, but seemingly not diverse enough: Every now and then there are users who can’t find what they need to represent their writing properly. We would like to change that! Which icons would you like to see added to Ulysses in the next release? Possibly a big bad wolf (“Little Red Riding Hood”), a skull (“Hamlet”) or bow and arrow (“Robin Hood”)?

The best ideas and the most-wished icons will make it into version 2.8. Just send your proposals by March 10 to, subject “Group icon wish”, or comment on the respective Facebook post or tweet.

Working With Tabs in Ulysses for Mac

When Apple enabled the use of tabs in all apps with macOS 10.12 Sierra, we were thrilled to adopt this new feature into Ulysses. Whether you’re an academic writer or a prolific poet who can work on multiple poems at the same time: this is for you.

When writing, your actual draft usually isn’t the only thing you need. For instance, writing this blog post requires me to keep several bits of information next to the sheet I’m writing in, such as a list of possible shortcuts and other research materials.

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Ulysses on Setapp

Our friends over at MacPaw have just launched Setapp – a permanent, subscription based, ever-growing, curated app bundle for Mac. And Ulysses is in it from day one.

Setapp is $9.99/month, currently offers 60+ apps, among which are such greats as Hype, Rapid Weaver, Aeon Timeline, Marked, Screens and Clean My Mac. It’s an awesome package of immense value, and since this is just the beginning, it will get insanely better over time, just by design.

You can read all about Setapp on their page, so I won’t bother you with subscription details or update policies. Instead, I’d like to be pre-emptive for once and answer some of the questions that are surely infiltrating your minds right now.

Are you leaving the Mac App Store?

No. We are not leaving the App Store at all. We see Setapp as an interesting opportunity for a certain kind of user, and we want to be part of that opportunity. Our goal is to reach as many users as possible, and if you find Setapp attractive, if you have use for the included apps, if maybe these apps are all you’ll ever need, then you may be happy to have Ulysses included. For us, Setapp is just another way to get Ulysses into the hands of users. It’s an option.

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Embedding Images in External Folders

Embedding images in External Folders

Are you syncing your Ulysses writings via Dropbox or another sync service instead of iCloud? If that’s the case, you will be pleased to hear that you can now embed images into your texts. Skip the next paragraph and find out how this works.

If you usually sync your Ulysses sheets via iCloud, or work locally (“On My Mac”), we should probably elaborate a bit: You can use Ulysses to edit plain text files which are stored outside Ulysses’ library, in what we call “External Folders” — for instance, files located inside a Dropbox folder. This may be useful if you want to collaborate with others on these files or access them from a Windows PC. This works, but with some limitations. In Ulysses 2.7, we’ve eliminated one of these limitations: You can now insert images into plain text files stored in External Folders, while keeping the ability to open and edit these files with other text editors.

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Ulysses Moments 2016


Albeit 2016 was not exactly everybody’s darling of years, it has been a very special and successful year for Ulysses and for us — maybe even the most exciting year in our company’s history. That’s why we would like to pause for a moment, look back at the most important things that happened, and share them with you.

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