Find Your Favorite Writing Font


It may be worth trying alternatives to your current writing font in Ulysses. Sarah explains why and introduces three of the team’s favorites.

When tasked with selecting a font for writing, most people tend to fall back on traditional choices such as Times New Roman, Courier or Garamond. These fonts are popular, since they come pre-installed on all of today’s computer systems, and they are good fonts, no doubt. So they get used a lot, and they have been around for quite a while. However, there is a broad variety of interesting fonts available today — fonts that can easily compare in terms of quality, or that are even better suited for the task.

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Be More Productive When Working on iPad or iPhone – Thanks to Automation

A Brief Introduction to Ulysses X-Callback-Support

Ulysses Ideas

Do you often find yourself doing the same things on your iPad or iPhone over and over again? Automation apps let you run such routines automatically, with the help of so-called x-callback-urls. Ulysses now also supports x-callback, allowing you to speed up your iOS workflows.

An x-callback-url triggers a particular action within an app and follows a certain app specific scheme. Here is a simple example for a Ulysses x-callback-url:


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“Writing Requires a Huge Amount of Love for Things That Happen Far Away From the Keyboard”

Silvio Gulizia is an Italian journalist and communication consultant. He has published the books “iProduttivo”, a guide to productivity apps and methods for iPad and iPhone, and “Sognare per Vivere”, an ebook about finding the courage to startup a personal project. Silvio also owns a blog about intentional living on

Please tell us a little bit about your work: How do you combine your professions?

I am completely focused on telling great stories. As a journalist, you are required to observe the world, to look for stories other people can’t view and to work on them to develop a product worth your readers’ time and money. It’s not a matter of coming up with the news anymore. Well, you need the news, but once it is published, you need a story to spread it. Today, every company is able to reach its own audience and tell its stories without going through the press. I bring to companies, in particular those in the startup and innovation field, my passion for telling stories. I help them to dig out stories from their own world and serve them directly to interested readers.

Silvio Gulizia
Silvio Gulizia

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Our Most Polished Version Yet: Ulysses 2.5.1 Is on the Stores

Ulysses 2.5.1 is now on the stores

Yes, we’ve spent some time celebrating and enjoying the positive feedback we got after having released Ulysses 2.5 some weeks ago. But this did not keep us from doing our jobs: Ulysses 2.5.1 brings a lot of fixes and improvements, and we can proudly claim that this is the most polished version we have published so far. For details, you can check the release notes for Ulysses for Mac and Ulysses for iOS.

Apart from fixing bugs and crashes, this version brings major improvements to x-callback support in Ulysses for iOS. X-callback is available since Ulysses 2.5 and can be used to allow third-party apps to trigger certain actions with Ulysses. That way, busy writers can create automated workflows to increase their productivity. If that still sounds a bit enigmatic, keep your spirits up: Before long we will have a x-callback introduction for beginners on the blog and present some great ready-made workflows created by other Ulysses users.

Ulysses 2.5.1 is of course a free update for existing users and should already be available on the stores:

Ulysses for Mac
Ulysses for iPad and iPhone

Side note: Any update we publish on the App Stores naturally hides the ratings and reviews for the current version. So please take a minute to update your rating or review, or leave one, in case you haven’t yet. Thank you so much!

Sort Your Sheets the Way You Want It

Writers use Ulysses’ groups to organize their projects and texts. Depending on the text type, the sheets inside a group should be arranged in a certain way. For instance, sheets of a diary are most likely sorted by creation date. If you’re writing a novel or a thesis, being able to sort sheets manually is useful for organizing your contents. With Ulysses 2.5, you can now change the sort order of each group or filter separately.

On Mac, you can change the sort order in two ways. If you want to change the sorting of a single group or filter, hover your mouse over the group in the sheet list and you’ll find “Sort Manually” there:

Click it and you’ll find the sorting options for this group. You can sort the sheets of a group in the following ways:

  • Manually
  • By Title
  • By Modification Date
  • By Creation Date

For all sorting options (except manual sorting, of course), you can also reverse the sort order.

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Shortcuts for Your Pocket Typewriter

Now that Ulysses is also rocking your iPhone, we think it’s about time to dust off our old Shortcut Cheat Sheet and add all the new goodness that came with version 2.5.

We believe Ulysses arms your iOS devices for getting some serious writing done — even more so when used in combination with an external keyboard. That way, there is more room on the display for your text (especially on the iPhone), and you can operate large parts of the app with a number of functional keyboard shortcuts.

Users of Ulysses for Mac will know most of them, although they might want to check out the new ones we have added.

Ulysses for iOS Shortcuts

If you’d like to save the rain forest, don’t print out the cheat sheet – just hold down . Ulysses will show you most of the available shortcuts.