Saving Life Time: Quick Open on iPad and iPhone

What’s new in Ulysses 2.6? In a series of blog posts, we’ll closely look at each of its new features and examine how they can help writers to get their work done.

Quick Open is part of Ulysses for Mac since its launch back in 2013. When Ulysses for iOS came out last year, users missed the feature sadly, and kept asking for it. Well, it is finally there! Quick Open is, in short, meant to save you time and effort. You can search your entire library within seconds, and instantly open a sheet for editing, without the need to navigate through your group hierarchies. Sounds like a small thing? Hey, if you only save only 10 seconds per sheet thanks to Quick Open, and you’re looking for 6 sheets per day for the next 30 years, this sums up to 8 days in total! Time you could spend on vacation or use to write a short story, for example. Read …

Ulysses 2.6: WordPress Publishing, Dropbox on iOS, New Typewriter Mode

Screenshot of Ulysses, showing this WordPress blog post in a preview window

Two and a half years ago, I took the plunge. I did what we were told not to do. I did what everybody who’s been in this business for more than two weeks knows not to do. I did it anyway.

I announced a new feature before it was ready for prime time.

To quote (oh, this hurts):

The next update will see us leveraging the metaWeblog XML-RPC API, to plug Ulysses III right into your favourite blogging engines.
So whether you’re running a self-hosted blog or […], chances are high that 1.2 will allow you to publish your work directly from within the app. No more copy and paste, no more switching between browsers, you know the drill, you hate it as much as everybody else.

It doesn’t matter why we couldn’t do what we set out to do, or why we announced this in the first place. And today nothing of this matters anymore (it still hurts, trust me). Because today, we finally deliver on this promise I made two and a half years ago.

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Small Presents From San Francisco, Or: the ADA Giveaway

Small presents from San Francisco

It has not been long since our developer team returned from San Francisco, where they attended Apple’s World Wide Developers’ Conference. You’ve probably heard about it — that’s where independent developers for Apple platforms meet up every year. It is a great opportunity to learn everything about what’s going on with Apple’s hard- and software, and network with fellow geeks, Apple executives and press representatives. And of course to receive an award honoring “Outstanding Design and Innovation”.

Max, Götz and Friedrich travelled to San Francisco packed with Ulysses T-shirts, promo licenses for our apps, pins and stickers — just the kind of stuff developers use to bring to conferences. It was a successful and busy week, but there are still some left-overs. As we’re still very excited about having received the Apple Design Award — and we would never have gotten there without you, the world’s best users —, we would like to give them to you.

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Individual Group Icons


Did you know that Ulysses allows to customize your group icons? You can use them as visual labels for a better orientation in your text library. This option is available on Mac, iPad and iPhone, and when iCloud is enabled, the icons you selected for groups will sync and appear on all connected devices.

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“Being an Author Means Being in Business”

Kevin Tumlinson is a busy book author, blogger and podcast host. In our interview he reveals some details about his process and shares his best writing advice (which he thinks you’ll hate – but see for yourself).

Please tell us something about you and what you are working on.

Kevin Tumlinson
Kevin Tumlinson

I’m a full-time author, currently transitioning from writing science fiction and fantasy to writing thrillers. The thriller genre just works better with my style and with the type of story I like to tell, so I’ve been keen to move into it. My most recent book, The Coelho Medallion, is my first thriller, and it has really set the stage for the rest of my writing career! It released on 31 May, and since then I’ve seen it outsell every other book in my catalog, and garner more praise than any book I’ve written to date. So I’m thinking that my new venture is already a success! This was also the first book I’ve written entirely in Ulysses. I’ve finished a couple of previous books in the software, transferring them from Scrivener or Word to Ulysses for completion. But I wanted to do something special for my first book, and the timing was perfect for ‘Coelho Medallion.’ I’m glad of it, too! This was a brilliant experience.
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My Virtual Acceptance Speech During This Year’s Apple Design Awards (WE WON, YEEEEEHA!)

Max, Götz and Friedrich on stage at WWDC

Wow! Just… wow! Thank you so much. Apple, everyone at Apple: Thank you! Wow.

Now… sorry *cough*. We're in this for a lot of years now. We started when Safari was still in beta. Remember this? I understand there are people in the audience who weren't even born then. Max was still in school, and I was doing advertisements for Daimler/Chrysler. Yes, that was a thing once. The US was run by some George W. Bush, and everyone thought he was crazy; turns out we ain't seen nothing yet, eh?

Well, anyway. Ulysses. ADA.

When we released Ulysses III a couple of years ago, 2013, we knew we had something special. It was hard to put our finger on one particular thing – we felt it was the whole package that clicked. And it wasn't the app at this particular point in time, that particular release, but rather the foundation we had spent the past 18 months to build, and, yes, the design that went into all its bits and pieces.
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Collapse, Expand & Drill-Down: A More Compact Library for Prolific Writers

Focus on a Group
My Ulysses library consists of more than 90 groups and a couple of filters spread across four different levels. That makes for an impressively long list that’s hard to oversee. If you’re like me and use Ulysses everyday and for almost everything you write, it won’t take to long until you’re facing the same situation. Fortunately, Ulysses lets you collapse your groups and therefore hide all its subgroups. This way, you can have a compact overview of your library.

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Ulysses’ Styles Got a Makeover

Ulysses lets you export your texts to beautiful PDF or DOCX documents, fully formatted. With different styles available, you can easily achieve a suitable layout for your writings. We know tastes differ and that various text types call for different formatting options. For Ulysses 2.5 we revised the built-in styles thoroughly and added a few new ones. Here’s a wrap-up.

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