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| By Rebekka

Medium is a platform that allows you to publish your stories, thoughts and ideas online. These stories are presented in a beautiful and elegant way and find their audience independent from a specific blog or news outlet. This is why Medium is becoming more and more popular with bloggers and writers alike.

Screenshot of Safari displaying the Medium.com website.

While you were previously bound to using the Medium web interface for writing your story, you can now use Ulysses to publish drafts directly from the app to your Medium account(s). You can do all your brainstorming, drafting, editing and previewing in Ulysses and – as a final step – press the Publish button in Medium.

On Mac

Integrating your Medium account into Ulysses is quite simple. Log in to your Medium account, click your user icon at the top right and select Settings. From there, scroll down to the section “Integration tokens”.

Screenshot of the integration token overview of the settings on Medium.com.

After generating a new token to use with Ulysses, select and copy the token. Next, go to Ulysses, open preferences, select Accounts, click the + button in the lower-left corner and select “Medium”. You can now paste the integration token into the text field:

Screenshot of Ulysses for Mac’s preferences. A new Medium account is being added and the dialog is requesting an integration token.

Click “Sign In” and your account is all set up. If you happen to have multiple Medium accounts, you can generate an integration token for each account and add it here.

When writing your post, you can use Export Preview to see how your post will look like on Medium. Simply open Export Preview using the menu “File › Preview…” (or via Quick Export) and select Medium from the popup button in the middle. This will show you how your post will look like when finished:

Screenshot of Ulysses’ preview window showing this article rendered for Medium.com.

As a final step, click the “Publish (Draft)” button on the top right to send your draft to Medium. After the post has been uploaded, you can make final adjustments on the website. Then, publish your post to share it with the rest of the world.

On iOS

Posting to Medium is just as simple on iOS as it is on Mac. In order to do so, please go to the Editor and open the Exporter. Then open the Export Settings and select “Publishing” from the list of available formats:

Screenshot of the export format menu of Ulysses for iPad with “Publishing” being selected.

Now, you can add your Medium account on the bottom and post the integration token from the Medium website and sign in to your Medium account. Don’t worry about issuing a new integration token, the token for Ulysses for Mac can be used on iOS as well. Happy publishing!

Publish to Medium

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