The Ulysses Style Exchange

| By Juraj

As you probably know, Ulysses ships with a handful of selected styles for the formatting of your exported writings. You already gave them a shot, and neither one of them is exactly what you need? Or you’re just curious to see what others find useful for their work? Then you should go browsing the Ulysses Style Exchange!

Screenshot of the Ulysses Style Exchange

Downloading a Style

On the platform, you can find styles for exporting to PDF/DOCX, ePub and HTML (and themes, which are used to alter the look of the editor – but that’s another story). When you select a style, you’ll see a preview with placeholder text and additional information, e.g. a description, tags and features, and the option to download it.

Screenshot of the “Blue Modern” style on the Ulysses Style Exchange

Tap or click Download, respectively. On iPad or iPhone, you’ll be prompted to open the style in Ulysses. On the Mac, just double-click the style in Finder to add it to Ulysses.

Screenshot of Ulysses’ Preferences showing the details of the newly added Blue Modern style

From now on, it will appear in the list of available styles when using Quick Export.

Screenshot of the Quick Export panel. The export menu of the PDF exporter has been opened showing all available export styles. Blue Modern is selected.

Sample Styles, and What They Make Your Documents Look Like

If you are feeling like you have to flip through the available styles and check them all out – go ahead. Otherwise I’d like to pull your attention towards a couple of great styles for PDF and DOCXs. They give a glimpse of how styles can be used to approach different needs and tastes.

Screenshot of the Preview window showing of the Novel Submission style

Novel Submission features Times New Roman, centered headings and a small paragraph indent.
The style was created by Jon Skovron, a Young Adult author of horror, fantasy, and science fiction – and his editor is loving it!

Screenshot of the Preview window showing of the Filmscript style

Filmscript is optimized for exporting screenplays written in Ulysses. Equipped with neutral Courier font, it offers dedicated paragraph formatting for scene descriptions and dialogues.
Heading 1 is used for characters speaking.

Screenshot of the Preview window showing of the Cochin Lyrik style

Writing poems? Try Cochin Lyrik, set up by Stephan Ronkov on the basis of Ulysses’ built-in style Novel Cochin. Just make sure to use soft line break within a verse.

The Ulysses Style Exchange

Browse a wide range of export styles created by fellow Ulysses users.