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Pricing & Availability

Ulysses is exclusively available on the Mac App Store and App Store, respectively. All purchases are processed by Apple, so we will never collect any personal data or credit card info.

Ulysses for iPad and iPhone comes as a “universal” version and can be used on all of your connected devices.

Family Sharing is fully supported.

Country Mac iOS
United States (USD)$44.99$24.99
Europe (EUR)44,99 €24,99 €
China (CNY)¥283.00¥163.00
Japan (JPY)¥5,400¥3,000
United Kingdom (GBP)£34.99£18.99
Canada (CAD)$62.99$34.99
Australia (AUD)$69.99$38.99
Switzerland (CHF)CHF 44.00CHF 25.00
South Korea (USD)$49.49$27.49
Sweden (SEK)469,00 kr259,00 kr
Russia (RUB)3 390 p.1890 p.
Mexico (MXN)$779.00$429.00
Taiwan (TWD)NT$ 1,350NT$ 750
Norway (NOK)489,00 kr269,00 kr
New Zealand (NZD)$66.99$36.99
Brazil (USD)USD 44.99USD 24.99
Denmark (DKK)349,00 kr195,00 kr
Hong Kong (HKD)HK$ 358.00HK$ 198.00
India (INR)Rs 2,800Rs 1,550
Singapore (SGD)S$ 63.98S$ 34.98
Chile (USD)USD 44.99USD 24.99
Argentina (USD)USD 44.99USD 24.99
South Africa (ZAR)R879.99R479.99